Boots. Knee high. Thigh high. Booties. Everything. Nothing is better than fall fashion. I love a bikini as much as the next woman but there is something about being able to step up your game come fall. The heat breaks. The humidity is gone. The temperatures are perfect. You wake up to the crisp air. You grab your favorite sweater or sweatshirt. A short skirt. And your favorite pair of boots. The ones that you have been waiting to wear since last year. It's the perfect transition outfit into the cooler temps. It's a classic and one that never goes out of style. The one thing that always accompanies this outfit is attitude. Confidence. A certain je ne sais quoi. You look good. You feel good. Fresh digs for the fresh season. And of course, because I am the fur boss, I love getting ready to bust out my furs for the season. Vests. Jackets. Coats. You name it, I have it and am ready to rock it. Check out some of our latest creations on my shop section. Let me know what you like.Β 

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