Designing Women....

Inspiration is something that I find everywhere, from random pics, random people, random songs and random daydreams. If we go at it alone, we are never as powerful which is why I surround myself with creative women. Women that I learn from, women from around the world, from different backgrounds with different visions on life. Power is in the numbers. Power is seeking help when you need it. Power is women who come together and make it happen. We are a small yet powerful company. We have multiple brands under one roof and stretch our selves til we break seams and then repair those seams and break them again. My mood changes from day to day but my vision remains the same. Work hard. Be creative. And I know that the smartest most successful people are the ones that work with the best people because no one knows everything. I love my team. I love my work. I love creativity. Mood board below is one that I am feeling now but tomorrow it may be something totally different and that's ok because nothing should stay the same. Change is good and we evolve for a reason.Β 

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