G Wagons and Jordans...

It's always been about luxe for me. From the time I was a kid, I loved nice things. I was born this way. I appreciate quality. Actually, I love it. There is something about the detail that goes into designing a G-Wagon. Every bell and whistle has the right curves. The right colors. The right material. Mercedes doesn't cut any corners and neither do I. Michael Jordan didn't cut any corners either. You don't become the best by cutting corners. You become the best by being determined. By having discipline. By being consistent. By never giving up. By fighting through adversity. By defining goals and achieving them. These Jordans are more a symbol of who they represent than how well they are made. They are a symbol of winning. Of exceeding expectations and continuing to set the bar higher and higher. No dream is too big. No goal is too far away. Nice things keep me motivated. Not for their materialistic value but for what they represent. Hard work. Success. Determination.Β 

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