My Calvins...

Comfortable. Confident. Happy. Strong. Fit. Yesterday was Labor Day. Most people take the day off and deservedly so. We can't work all the time. We need a breather. We need me time. Or us time. Or family time. I took some of the day off but truthfully I never stop working. Between the boys and running a business. There is no time off. No time to chill. No time to take a breather for an extended period of time. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I get some time to reflect and enjoy the moment. That is super important to me. If you don't live in the here and now, it will pass you by so quickly. Life is flying by at a record speed but I am comfortable with that. I am confident that I am doing it right. I am happy. Sad when I think of the past year. Strong when I need to be. And fit because I have to be. Being a full time mom and business owner takes a lot of energy. You need to eat right. Sleep right. Work out right. Looking good is important to me as well. I feel better and more confident when I look and feel strong and fit. Labor Day had its moments of chill which you can see in the pics below. That was my "me time" yesterday. I love photos. I love documenting my life. I love My Calvins. After this shoot, it was planning the week for both me and the boys. And work. And play. And work again. 

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