No days off...

Fashion never takes a day off and neither do I. I bring it everyday. My Monday outfit might be dressier than my Friday night outfit but no matter what, I always try to look my best. Actually, I don't try. I do. Trying is for the weak. Doing is for the strong. I work hard and play hard. Sure that sounds cliche' but I have been living that lifeΒ long before Wiz Khalifa made that mantra popular. This was my Monday morning outfit this week. I had no meetings planned. It was just a day at the office. I woke up on Monday ready to crush the week. To conquer. To win. And I wanted to look my best and I did. I put on a little black dress. Got into my G-wagonΒ and took a ride down the west side highway to my office in the fashion district. The office where we make it happen. Where we design for Oscar de la Renta Furs and Reich Furs. Where family is first and our love for fashion never fades. This is what I put on when I wake up on a Monday morning. I don't dread Mondays. I embrace them and as a result I own the week.Β 

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