Sun + salt + sand...

San Diego. Maybe the most beautiful city in the world when it comes to weather. No matter the time of year. This city is perfect. Everyone should live here. If my business was not in NYC, I would most likely be living in Cali. LA. SF. SD. Somewhere. You feel free here. You feel alive. You feel healthy. You feel motivated. You feel that lust for life that sometimes escapes you in a big city. You want to be outdoors 24/7. Summer is fading in NYC. Kids are heading back to school. Most parents love this time of year. No more entertaining the kids 24/7. Not me. I love hanging with my boys. We wanted more summer. So we came to Pacific Beach and found it. They wanted to surf. I wanted to chill. They wanted to skate. I wanted to look good in a bathing suit and not think about anything. Detached. Disconnected. Happy. My boys and I are here for a week of doing whatever the fuck we want. No schedule. No rules. Just fun. Just us...And the beach.Β 

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