The POWER suit...

Suits. Are. Not. Just. For. Men. Women rock em and rock em well. Today I woke up and thought, Gucci suit. Jordans. Led Zeppelin Tee. All my jewels. Hat. Inner Rockstar. Giving zero fucks. Ready to crush the day. Own the day. Seize the day. Take no prisoners. Kick some ass. Get shit done. Be a boss. Be a coworker. Be a mom. Be a friend. Be a daughter. Be a sister. Make shit happen on all levels. The power suit gives me the extra confidence that I need today. I will walk around NYC like I own that city. Like I'm the queen of Manhattan. The fall crisp air has me feeling fresh. Rejuvenated. Happy. Fearless. Motivated. When you feel good, you look good. When you look good, you feel good. It's the circle of life. Sometimes all it takes is a badass tailored Gucci suit to take me to the next level. Today is the day. Tomorrow is not promised. Go get it. Go do it. Go. Go. Go.Β 

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