The Process + Getting Dirty...

People often ask me why I wear so many hats within my company and the answer is simple...If you don't know how to do everything yourself how will you know if someone is doing something right or something wrong. Don't get me wrong, I do not do everything for my company. In fact, I rely heavily on a team that consists of mainly strong intelligent women to get shit done. With that said, I need to know how to do everything so that I can best run this show. Sometimes I find myself sewing and overseeing pattern making and channeling my fashion education from Illinois Institute Of Art. And sometimes I find myself jumping in on a sales call with my sales lead and sometimes I get my ass on a plane to MontrealΒ to support our partners at the Neiman Marcus Conclave Event. We do a ton of production on our premises as well in the heart of the fashion district on 30th Street. Something I learned a long time ago from one of my mentors was that nobody is too good for any type of work and when something needs to get done, you jump in there and do it. Of course, as seen below, you also take a moment to pose for a rockstar type picture for the gram but nonetheless you do it and get it done. Get dirty. Make it happen. Create. Design. Succeed. Repeat.Β 

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