Yesterday was Election Day for the midterms. I am usually not very involved in politics but yesterday was important to me and to the US. Women were only giving the right to vote less than 100 years. 1920 was the year (I looked it up because I was curious and didn't know the day). 98 years ago we were allowed to vote for the first time. That is not that long ago. Only 2 or 3Β generations ago. Voting is powerful. Your voice being heard is powerful. Strong women banding together is powerful. It isn't so much as to what you are voting for as much as it was that you were voting. I was so happy to see so many women at the polls. Posting and lobbying for their causes. Us women need to be heard and need to make our presence known. We still live in a male dominated world and that needs to change. One way to change that is to vote. Proud of all the women that went out to the polls. Proud that we are being heard. Proud that we can make a change. The pic below is what I wore to the polls because looking good exercising your rights is always a plus.Β 

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